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Conversion kit to hydraulic bearing for engine suspension for VW T3

We still have some conversion kits of the old engine mounts (formerly VW 251199201G / rubber mounts to modern hydromounts in stock. These come from overproduction for a dealer.

These improved bearing sets are nothing new. They reduce vibrations and ultimately the noise level. But it won't be an ID buzz, and it doesn't have to be! They are suitable for all diesel engines including TDI conversions from model year 1984. The bearing set can also be used on the well-known 2E conversions.

However, the bearing sets are available in very different qualities. Ours are black galvanized. We have expressly decided against powder coating as this is usually damaged during screw connection and the powder is then infiltrated by corrosion.

The fastening bolt has a strength of 10.8 and a thread pitch of 1.5 like the original screw. So you can continue to use the original mother. The strength of the construction corresponds to the original.

The bearing set comes to you completely pre-assembled. The two lugs of the actual hydromount have already been removed. Please make sure to install the hydraulic bearing set without any tension.

                                            The price per set is: €120,-

Hydrolagerumbausatz VW T3
Hyrolager, Umbausatz, Motorlager Hydromount VW T3
Hydrolager VW T3 TDI Umbau, Umbausatz Hydrolager VW T3 Syncro, Hydromountconversion VW T3, Motorlage
Hydromount VW T3 Syncro, Motorlager VW T3, Hydrolager VW T3 Syncro, Umbausatz Hydrolager V
Umbausatz Hydrolager VW T3 auch Syncro
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