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Getriebedeckel VW T3 2 WD Vergleichnummer= 094301210.jpg

Gearbox cover 5-speed VW T3 2 WD
(formerly VW 094301210)

We have been dealing with the problem of aluminum corrosion on gearboxes for a long time. The result is our new gearbox cover made of modern cast aluminum for the 5-speed gearbox.

The problem with the old lids, after 30 years, is the pitting and resulting leakage. Many people then try to weld the lid or repair it with aluminum filler. However, this did not prove to be a sustainable solution.

Whenever you tackle a project like this, we thought we would improve the gearbox cover. So we increased the wall thickness and the floor and installed new bearings. The lid comes completely finished with new bearings already installed. This results in better guidance and stability of the waves. The lids are  additionally impregnated in a vacuum and tested for leaks.



                                 Cover with fully assembled bearings:    680€

Getriebedeckel VW T3 2 WD Vergleichnummer= VW 094301210
Getriebedeckel T3 5 Gang VW T3 2 VD VW 094301210
5 Gang Deckel VW 2 WD hinten VW 094301210
Getriebedeckel VW T3 5 Gang 2WD VW094301210
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